Andrew Knibbe

Andrew Knibbe is a Head of Product at @seekjobs. Formerly @flippa, @carsales, and @yellow_au. Likes digital, drums, bicycles, cameras, and the oxford comma

Resources and references for aspiring product managers


I’m increasingly chatting to potential next-gen product managers asking for more information about product management. My ever-evolving list below covering product, technology strategy, and design.


  • Shreyas Doshi
  • Jake Knapp
  • Leading the Product
  • Paul Jackson - one of my favourites!
  • Product Anonymous
  • Mind the Product
  • Brainmates
  • Neil Kilick - agile practice!
  • Teresa Torres - thought leader regarding product discovery!
  • Paul Adam, Intercom
  • Marty Cagan, SVPG - well regarded and back on twitter lately
  • Andrew Chen, Andreessen Horowitz
  • Rich Mironov
  • Steve Johnson
  • Jeff Patton
  • Jensen Harris


  • Signal v Noise (Basecamp)
  • Startup Grind
  • UX Planet
  • UX Design
  • EightShapes
  • Think Growth


  • Product Coffee
  • The Women in Product Podcast
  • HBR IdeaCast
  • Techmeme Ride Home
  • a16z (Andreessen Horowitz)
  • Masters of Scale (hosted by Reid Hoffman)


  • INSPIRED: How to Create Tech...

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